Queen Be


A Hip New Experience to Unapologetically Celebrate + Express ALL of YOU!

What is the QUEEN BE Experience?

Imagine it. It’s the ultimate LIVE workshop experience to owning every facet, every flaw, every piece of you – your grit, your gift and your greatness to live LOUD + LOVELY + LEGENDARY.

You will be taken on a journey to artfully infuse ALL of who you are – leaving nothing to the side – gracefully integrating your ALLness into becoming the QUEEN BE of your world.

To join Kristina at a QUEEN BE Experience or for all the latest Queen Be deets please email experiences@YouCanDoItDIVA.com

“To be QUEEN of your world is to be BOLD enough to OWN it, COURAGEOUS enough to DO it, and AUDACIOUS enough to BE it, no matter what.” ~Kristina Italic


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I Am Kristina


Artist. Speaker. Author. Leader.

Kristina embarked on this journey over 10 years ago to Serve + Inspire Greatness + Create Change.

Kristina is a #1 Bestselling author for her collaboration in Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens and The Power of Being a Woman.

Kristina’s journey has taken her to exotic places, through a plethora of life experiences, and fun and wild adventures. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Human Physiology & Exercise Science and Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.

The value of service, change, and impact are at her core. She has traveled all over the world inspiring people to live their fullest life. Working in level one trauma hospitals, prestigious rehabilitation centers and community re-integration facilities, Kristina knows first hand the importance of dreaming, pushing boundaries and believing in possibility. Through her practice she has worked with hundreds of people helping them transition back into their daily life after surviving traumatic + unimaginable life-changing experiences.

Almost three years ago, Kristina recognized her ability and the possibility to change lives was infinite, so she packed her bags, followed her heart and began a new journey in Los Angeles. As an entrepreneur in LA, she has created her own unique style of living life artfully infusing her innate gifts and talents.

Kristina embodies her artistic + creative expression intertwined with her high-level expertise, and has created her own unique DIVA Design to living in the impossible. Visionaries + entrepreneurs from all over come to her for help in reframing their challenges, bust through their blocks and dream the impossible. Kristina delivers a powerful message of empowerment + possibility + audacity.

She is a Dreamer. Creator. Believer.

Kristina spends her time traveling, speaking, and hosting events + retreats around the world. When she is not working you can find her at the beach, dancing, collaborating with other soulful sisters and artists, or creating her next fun + expressive endeavor. Kristina loves empowering women to find their voice + boldly embrace their creative and feminine power + dream the impossible.

She is a Freedom Junkie. Soul Sister. Community Creator.

Through her journeys, Kristina has seen all too often the amazing qualities of women go unnoticed. She acknowledges + recognizes that women have a multitude of roles they identify with and characteristics that describe their innate sense of being. She believes all women are Strong. Brilliant. Beautiful. Loving. Giving. Creative. Empathetic. Boundary Pushers. Rebels With A Cause. Sexual + Spiritual Goddesses. Divine Divas + Badass Beauties. Fun. Flirty. Fabulous. Sassy. Sexy + Fierce. Wild and Untamed.

Kristina takes a stand for women around the world, giving them a voice and platform to share their stories, their dreams and their visions. She knows in her heart that women truly can rule the world when living fully present + rocking their confidence + standing boldly in their innate brilliance, shining their light and uniting together. Today, more than ever, the world is a woman’s canvas, and she can create whatever she desires. Kristina believes women are UNSTOPPABLE! She empowers women to change the beliefs that keep them from living full out + unleash a fierceness within to soar to unreachable heights + allow their intuition to guide them, and unlock their innate brilliance and artistry. She knows women are powerful and filled with dreams of possibility. When embodied with heart + audacity + creativity and charisma…Women. Change. The. World.

In honor of all the amazing women that have entered Kristina’s life for a moment or a lifetime + continue to Inspire Greatness + Create Change, she created the “YouCanDoItDIVA” (YCDID) Movement.

She believes within all women is the Courage + Audacity + the ability to Never Give Up – no matter what! A.K.A. Kristina’s exclusive “C.A.N.” system of her Diva Design to living life. Through the YCDID movement, women learn how to embody their creativity + express their voice + embrace their feminine leadership + live life out loud. The YCDID movement is where dreams + connection + support unite to create a powerful sisterhood around the world.

She is an Entrepreneur & Woman on a Mission of IMPACT!

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Marketing + Biz Dev.

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424444_10151219309946993_1072680164_nKristina has so many tools under her belt, so much life experience, education, knowledge and the innate gift to empathize, attentively listen, and understand people without judgement. Anyone who works with her will undoubtably experience life changing breakthroughs and become fully empowered and unapologetically self expressed. You will discover hidden talents and strengths you didn’t realize you had, making you fiercely unstoppable. You will achieve your dreams and live the life you are meant to live. By the time Kristina is finished with you, you will be center stage with your own QUEEN BE – fully seen, expressed and moving with unshakeable confidence like the star you were born to be. Coach Yari The SoulBody Trainer. Creator of the SoulBody Method™
509xB06uKristina has an energy that draws you in from the moment you see her, you just simply, ‘want to be around’ her. She is vibrant, confident, outgoing, full of life spirit, and is one of those friends that you can talk to about anything; the spice of life, the substance, the fun! She is always creating, always thinking, always coming up with new ideas, and always inspiring. She is a light and force that we need more of in this world! Amy Lloyd Marketing + Publishing
10482717_10204085452730601_4306862787600268442_n]Kristina Italic embodies the authentic feminine leadership, her guidance and unique coaching approach has empowered me to become the best version of myself accepting the beauty of myself and my imperfections to love and live out loud.
Amber Boswell Author +Intuitive Healer
1915906_1163167492249_2380116_n If you are looking for someone to help get you on track to living your biggest dreams in a rockin’ feminine way then I highly recommend you work with Kristina! It is a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. There will be ups and downs, but thrilling the entire time. She is worth it. Her intuition, depth, knowledge, light, powerful feminine vibe and her innate ability to see “the me” that I never thought possible- PRICELESS. I would have paid 3x her fee. She is invaluable! My time with her will forever be engrained in my heart. For this, I am eternally grateful. Anita Nacion Nurse + Creator of B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

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