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I for one LOVE Beyoncé’s sexual flavor she’s ROCKING in her new album. Queen B is being scruntized for forgetting “her message” of empowerment to women. “Beyonces message is of female empowerment but through her recent album release and Grammy performance she is disempowering women.” Really?!?!

Then I found the following statement written in an article posted on

“This world is craving a new trend of women. We shouldn’t just be valued for our gorgeous curves, we should also be celebrated for the complex intelligence we possess. All we can do as individuals is take responsibility for how to react to the female form.”

WAIT?!?! Have they seen Beyoncé??? They are right. . . the world is definitely craving a new trend of women. . . a women that knows how to embrace all facets of her personal and creative expression with confidence – including her sexuality and femininity. In my opinion Beyoncé is not only embracing her creativity, embodying her femininity, but she is showcasing her intelligence. Need I remind you of how she released her latest album? The woman is wicked savvy and smart on top of being incredibly beautiful and sexy. I don’t get how anyone can say she is not celebrating all facets of her beauty + intelligence and creativity. Are women supposed to be covered from head to toe and walk around as if we have no sexuality at all?  Are we not supposed to celebrate our uniqueness and femininity as women? Isn’t that what truly sets us apart of men. . . our feminine expression??? Wake up its 2014!   

Beyoncé is not only an artist. . . she is a mother, a wife, a business women, a daughter, an auntie, a grand-daughter, as well as many other roles. . . sound familiar? Sound like every other woman you know??? Since when did a woman go back in time and step back into the box she came out of?  

I personally say Queen B is a great role model, icon, and reflection to all women of the importance in taking time for ourselves, taking time to be creative,. . . to be sexy. . . to be fun. . . to be flirty. . . to be feminine.  How fantastic is it that she is not only a beautiful woman with a ROCKING HOT BOD, but she is a mom, a wife, and a woman that understands the importance maintaining her identity and the power of embracing her sexuality? What woman doesn’t want to fully embody her femininity and sexual expression?

I know way too many women that have at one time or another lost themselves in a relationship, or feel they have lost their identity as a woman through the ups and downs and at times isolating world of motherhood.  Sure, it takes a strong support system to truly strut the balanced life, but isn’t it empowering to know women are celebrating all facets of femininity no matter what role they are currently living? Isn’t empowering to know that even though you may juggle a million titles, roles, and responsibility you are a woman first and foremost and you can ROCK all facets of your feminine being and a bag of chips??? I think its badass! I think Beyonce is a POWERHOUSE. 

My opinion. . . Beyoncé’s message is. . .Inspiration. Expression. Femininity. 

What are your thoughts? Icon or Veto? 


“I don’t feel like I have to protect that side of me because I do believe that sexuality is a power we all have.”  ~Beyoncé



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